The clock atop East High was the dream of Principal William Henry Oliver, sponsored by the Class of 1944,
and formally dedicated at the Homecoming Game, October 17, 1947. The clock is
59 inches in diameter representing 58 former students and one teacher, who gave their lives in World War II.
William F. Berry Jack T. Jamison Robert N. Power
Charles Beverly Bingham Robert Jones John H. Pruett
Robert W. Cherry Kenneth C. Kerkeles Frank W. Roberts
Frederick O. Chest Howard C. Kirk Lucien Rogers
Samuel L. Compton John Paul Kissling Gailor Roy
John Clark Cooper William H. Lancaster Everette Rutledge
Preston W. Cotter George R. Langham, Jr Edward Sanders
Anthony Thomas Crook Douglas J. Lockheardt Alfred J. Sedivi
Lesley G. Davis Thomas Malcolm Paul Dallas Sharpe
Virgil H. Dockery Conrad Matthews Eugene Sloan
Grover C. Fitzgerald Thomas R. McClellan George Smith
Frank E. Glascock, Jr Walter E. McClellan Harold R. Smith, Sr
Lawrence A. Goldsby James W. McCreary George A. Stanley
Carson Frost Greek Guy McDuffee Frank Swint, Jr.
Everette H. Green Edward E. McGil Fred A.Taylor
Herbert W. Grizzard John Frank Myers C. Maurice Wain, Jr.
Alex K. Hamric Edmund T. Pardue John M. Ward
George Hoffman Jack C. Patton Randall A. Weaver
Jack A. Hurst William Eugene Payne James T. Wiley
James W. Hurt, teacher Harry D. Phillips  
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