east nashville high veterans 1950-59
Dr. Newton Griffin   50 Air Force     D He briefly served as a Flight Surgeon and General Medical Officer as a Captain
Charles Haden   50 Army Army Reserve 1955-1957     1957-1963   1 Army Signal Corps stationed at Ft. Knox, Kentucky
William Kemp   50 Air Force   Korea D  
Dr. William Wade Manning   50 Navy     D Served on USS Bushnell
Richard E. Maxwell   50 Air Force 1956-1982 Vietnam D Navigator, Army Reserve 7 years. Voluntarily flew 5 missions to Vietnam 1962-1968. Flew 18 different aircraft, totaling 4762 flying hours. Retired as Lieutenant Colonel
Rockne Porter   50 Army Army Reserve 1954-1955   D Served two years of active duty with the United States Army. This included tours in Korea and Japan. Following active duty there was an additional eighteen years of service in the Army reserves. Full retirement status and the rank of major were achieved.
T. R. Smith   50 Army     D  
Billy L. Akin   51 Navy 1955-1957   1 USS Calvert
Bill J. Cook   51 Air Force     D Intelligence/Communications
Donald Duke   51 Air Force     D Retired as a Major
Craig Fox   51 Army 1954-1956 Korea 1 I served as a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army in Korea in 1954 to 1956 as a armor tank commander on the 38th parallel
John Fulcher   51 Marines   Korea D  
Bobby Martin   51       1  
Hildred McDole   51 Marines     D  
Billy Merryman   51 Navy   Korea D Served on the USS Piedmont
William Strickland   51 Navy 1952-1992 Korea 1 Served 2 years active during Korean war in the Navy serving aboard the USS LST 1071. I then served 25 years in the U.S. Naval Reserve Chaplain Corps and retired as a captain in 1992
Joe Youree   51 Air Guard     D He served in the 134th Fighter Group at McGheeTyson Air Guard Base. Joe proudly served his country for 46 years retiring from the 118th Tactical Airlift Wing of the Air National Guard as an Intelligence Officer
Donald Joe Brady   52 Air Force 1953-1956   D Stationed in Anchorage Alaska
Wilbur Harrison Cate, Jr.   52 Army     D ROTC/Army/Army Reserve Captain/Army 69th Signal Battalion/6 years in Army Reserve
Jack Debow Garner   52 Army     D  
Thomas Edward Piper   52 Air Force   Korea D Served 24 years
Irvin "Rip" Ryman   52 Navy 1952-1954 Korea D Hospital Corpsman
Carl "Buddy" Warren   52 Navy 1952-1954 Korea D  
Paul Willard Allen   53 Marines 1952-1972 Korea-Vietnam D Quit school to join the Marines. Served on President Eisenhower's security detail
Ralph D. Bobbitt   53 Air Force, Army National Guard, Army Reserve 1954-1958
  1 Airman 1st Class. Air Training Command, 4th Fighter/Bomber Wing, 39th Air Division, 5th Airforce, Tactical Air Command 14th Air Force. Served in Army National Guard 1958-1992 30th Quarter Master, 30th Armored Division and 194 Engineering Regiment. Served in US Army Reserve 1992-1994. Retired as Master Sgt. Ribbons and Medals: USAF, National Defense Ribbon, Good Conduct Ribbon, Armed Forces Service Ribbon, Overseas Ribbon, Instructor Wings, Air Training Command. Ribbons and Medals: Army National Guard, National Service Ribbon with Star, Service Ribbon, Good Conduct, Individual Achievement, Volunteer, Armed Force Service Ribbon with 3 clusters. Commendation Ribbon with 3 clusters, Armed Force Ready Reserve Medal with 10 years., NCO Professional Ribbon and Medal. 2 Distinguished Unit Citations.
Daniel Edward  Harper   53 Air National Guard     D  
Jesse Jones   53 Air Force 1956-1958   1  
Jimmy Wayne Martin   53 Navy 1955-1959   I Served aboard the USS Los Angeles CA 135. My rank was storekeeper 2nd class. (SK2)
Richard Dale Tyree   53 Air Force 1953-1973 Vietnam 1 Lt. Colonel
Alfred Akin   54 Air National Guard     D  
Joe Armstrong   54 Army   Korea D  
Earl Campbell   54 Navy 1955-1957     Served on battleship USS Iowa BB61 as a printer.
Howard Frederick (Freddie) Ford, Sr.   54 Army 1954-1999 Operation Desert Storm 1 Army National Guard 1954-1999, Retired as an O-6 "Bird" Colonel
Lynwood Dale Golden   54 Air Force   Vietnam 1 Served 29 years
Robert F. Hall   54 Navy 1954-1959 Korea D  
William Lewis Jeffcoat   54 Army 1953-1956   D 82nd Airborne
Rudy Lindsey   54       1  
John Lyle   54 Marines 1954-1962   1 National Defense Medal
Jerry Merryman   54 Army     D Served in the Quartermaster Corps, Artillery Corps, and Judge Advocate Generals Corps
Tucker Moore   54 Navy     D  
Phil   Ragsdale   54 Army 1957-1988 Vietnam 1 Retired after 31 years of service. February 1988 as Sergeant Major with Date of Rank June 1974. Awards: Legion of Merit, with 1st Oak leaf Cluster (2 Awards); Bronze Star with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters (3 Awards); Meritorious Service Medal; Army Commendation Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters (4 Awards); Good Conduct Medal (10 Awards); Vietnamese Honor Medal 2nd Class; Department of the Army General Staff Identification Badge. Army Service Ribbon; Overseas Service Ribbon (2); Overseas Service Bars (2); National Defense Service Medal; Vietnam Campaign Medal. Served in Vietnam with the 25th Infantry Division 28 February 1969-25 February 1970
Fred Russell Terry   54 Air Force Air National Guard 1953-1993 Vietnam and Desert Storm 1 Retired as Chief Master Sergeant with 40 years service. Chief Flight Engineer At 118TAW TNANG with 12941.8 flight hours, and 38.5 combat flight hours. Medals Received:  Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal with 1 device, Air Reserves Forces Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Armed Forces Service Medal, RVN Gallantry Cross with Palm Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, Tennessee Highest Distinguished Service Medal
Jerry West   54 Naval Reserve 1958-1989   1 Active duty- USS Monticello LSD35 1958-1960 participated in "Operation HARDTACK" we were involved in 34 of the 35 Atomic Test from April to August 1958 at Bikini and Wnewetak Islands. One test was the largest test ever conducted by United States. I was a BM3. Rejoined the Reserve in 1960 and advancing up the ranks and selected for the Warrant Officer program 1968. Navy retired on 1 November 1989 as Warrant Boatswain 4. I was the senior Warrant in the Navy at the time. (2)Navy Achievement Medal- (3)Navy Reserve Meritorious Medals-(3) National Defense Medals-(3) Navy Armed Forces Medal-Navy
Expert Pistol Medal-Navy Expert Rife Medal also awarded Navy "E"Ribbon, Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon, Naval Reserve Sea Service Ribbon, and Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
Ollie Ray Winfrey   54 Marines 1955-1956   D  
Roger Batson   55 Marines     D Served 3 years
Ed Boguskie   55 Air National Guard 1954-1963   1  
Fred Leroy Brown   55 Air Force     D Served 3 years
George Bushulen   55 Air Force     1 Rejoined the Reserve in 1960 and advancing up the ranks and selected for the Warrant Officer program 1968. Navy retired on 1 November 1989 as Warrant Boatswain 4. I was the senior Warrant in the Navy at the time.
Kenneth Carver   55 Marines     D Corporatl.
Nick Gatlin, Jr.   55 Army 1959-1962   1 1st Lieutenant
William J. (Billy) Gregg   55 Air National Guard     1  
Jerry Hooper   55 Navy 1955-1958   1 E-5, Submarine Service, USS Sea Leopard, Electrician 2nd class, 1955-1958 Cold War
Billy Knight   55 Air National Guard     1  
Jerry Cole Lashlee   55 Navy     1  
Dick Murphy   55 Air Force     D  
Jack Orrand   55 Army     D  
Harold Pickel   55 Army     D  
Bobbie Fred Smith   55 Navy     I Served three years ,was E4 third class corpsman , serviced with the marines station on an army base
John Watkins   55 Army 1957-1963   1 E 4, Btry B 1st Msl BN 60th Artillery and Guided Missile School. Marksman Badge
Richard Hugh Womack   55 Air National Guard     1  
Mel  Brown   56 Marines 1956-1958   1  
Sam Compton   56 Army 1961-1963   1 Served on the East German Border in a Radar Team. Almost captured twice and recieved rifle fire twice.
William Lyn Drennon   56 Navy     E  
Bobby Dean Halliburton   56 Army/Air Force 1957-1997   D He was a career military man having served 40 years. He began as a member of the US Army and later transferred over to the Air Force where he attained the rank of Master Sergeant by the time of his retirement
Gordon Lee Hawkins, Sr.   56 Navy 1954-1962   D  
Paul High   56 Air National Guard     D  
Wilson McKee   56 Army 1956-1959   1 Field Artillery
John Oliver   56 Army 1963-1967 Vietnam 1 Airborne/Ranger. Graduated from US Military Academy at West Point
Jimmy Patterson   56 Marines     D Served 4 years
Robert R. Payne   56 Air National Guard 1955-1964   1 Camera Repairman, A/C Loadmaster
Larry Lee Savage   56 Air Force 1957-1951   D  
William (Billy) Smith   56 Army     1 Served in the Quartermaster Corps, Artillery Corps, and Judge Advocate Generals Corps
Ronnie Warde   56 Navy     D  
Joe Birdwell   57 Naval Reserve 1956-1966   1 He served in the Naval reserve for 10 years with 2 years active duty aboard the USS Lorain County LST 1177. My home port was Norfolk Va. Naval Reserve 1956- 1966. On active duty 1958-1960.
Thomas Warren Boguskie   57 Air National Guard 1957-1965   1  
James Brown   57 Navy 1957-1960   1 Submarine Service, USS Trsk SS-423
Joe Burns   57 Navy 1958-1962   D USS Francis M Robinson, EDE 220, Radar man
Desmond Carter   57 Air National Guard 1957-1963   1 3 years in TNAir National Guard and 3 years in Air Force Reserve
Dan DeBow   57 Army 1962-1967   1 4 Years in Germany. 6 years in the Army Headquarters 7th Engineer Brigade. Sharpshooter Medal
Homer Irvin   57 Air National Guard 1956-1995   D Chief Master Sergeant. He attended USAF Basic Military Training at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas and was assigned to the 105th Air Police Flight. He established an On-the-job Training Program for the Flight and was promoted to Master Sergeant and appointed NCOIC of the Security Police Flight. In 1975 he was selected as the Base Outstanding Airman of the Year. In 1978, Homer was appointed First Sergeant for the 118th Combat Support Squadron. In 1980 he developed and established a Base First Sergeant's Council and served as its Chairman from 1981 to 1988. He was named the first Senior Enlisted Advisor for the 118th Tactical Airlift Wing in 1981 and held that position until 1984. In 1983 he was appointed as First Sergeant for the 118th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and promoted to Senior Master Sergeant. He deployed to Belgium to function as the First Sergeant for the Air National Guard's Airlift Exercise. In 1988 he was appointed Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Commander of the Tennessee Air National Guard and promoted to Chief Master Sergeant. He was assigned to Headquarters Tennessee ANG as advisor for enlisted policy to Chief of Staff in 1991. He was instrumental in the development of the Air National Guard Chief Master Sergeant Executive Course and served as Course Manager, directing and scheduling classes from August 1992 to 1995. He retired from the Tennessee Air National Guard 18 November 1995.
Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, Air Force Achievement Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, Air Force Organizational Excellence Award, Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Medal with 8 devices, National Defense Service Medal, Air Force Longevity Service Award Ribbon with 8 devices, Armed Forces Reserve Medal with 2 devices, Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon with 1 device, Air Force Training Ribbon, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with device, Tennessee National Guard Commendation Ribbon, Tennessee National Guard Professional Development, Tennessee National Guard Service Ribbon with 6 devices, Tennessee National Guard Volunteer Ribbon, Tennessee National Guard Governor's Meritorious Unit Citation with 2 devices and Tennessee National Guard Distinguished Unit Commendation with 2 devices.
Ernest Lannom   57 Navy 1956-1962   1 Morse Code Operator, Radioman 2nd Class, Petty Officer, USS Northampton CLC1
Carlton Martin   57 Air Force     D Served 4 years
H. T. Murley   57 Army, Army Reserve 1957-1965   1 345th Infantry Div., 7 1'2 years in Army Reserve, Member Color Guard, Expert Rifleman Award.
Clarence Milton "Dick" Murphy, Jr.   57 Air Force     D  
Wayne Petty   57 Air National Guard 1957-1992   D Retired as SFC E-7. Army Commendation medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Individual Achievement Ribbon, NCO Proficiency Ribbon, Tennessee National Guard Volunteer Ribbon
Tommie Pruitt   57 Air Force     D Served 36 years. Retiring as Chief Master Sergeant.
Thomas Sylvis   57 Army 1958-1962 Korea 1 SP-5. In Korea 20 months working in the diving section. Was discharged in 1961. Out of the service for 7 months and he was called back for one year at Ft Eustis, VA.
Jimmy Williams   57 Marines 1958-1960   1  
James Thomas Andrews   58 Army 1963-1966   1 SP-4
Charles Robert Burton   58 Navy     D  
Jack Hackett   58 Army 1966-1968 Vietnam 1  
Edward J. (Buddy) Mayfield   58 Air Force 1959-1984 Vietnam 1 Retired as a Captain (O-3). I was in Vietnam from Jul 65 to Jul 66.
Joseph Bennett   59 Navy 1961-1966 Vietnam 1 I flew 42 years as a pilot, with 7 years in the Marine Corps. Two tours in Vietnam, 25 years with Pan Am, and 10 years with Delta. Retired as Captain USMC.
Thomas Bush   59 Army Reserves 1962-1968   1 SP-4
Paul Fite   59 Air Force 1960-1963   1 Spent 3 years in Germany
R.L. Gregory   59 Navy 1961-1965   D Helicopter Mechanic
William T. Hibbs   59 Army 1962-1965   1  
William Ross Howard   59 Army 1966-1988   1 Captain, Dental Corps
Grant Padgett   59 Air Force     1  
Ray Shockney   59 Air Force     1 A/3c
Thomas Stevens   59 Army     D  
Dan Waldron   59 Army 1963-1966   1 In Finance Corps, 3rd Army Hdqtrs. at Fort McPherson, GA in Atlanta and then in US Army Post, Verdun, France.
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