east nashville high veterans 1940-49
Arthur Howard Allen, Jr.   40 Army   WWII/Korean D Colonel
Robert Wyatt Hulme   40 Air Force   WWII D Lt. Colonel, Pilot, South Pacific. joined the Army in 1941 as a Private in the infantry; transferred to the Air Force and graduated in Class 430 D as a Lt. on April 22, 1943; served in WWII in the South Pacific as a B-24 and B-25 pilot; flew 70 missions; discharged from active duty in September 1946 as Captain in the USAF; he remained in the reserves until his retirement from the Air Force, September 16, 1979 as a Lt. Col.
Jack Jamison   40 Air Force   WWII D KIA in a plane crash in England/Air Force Spitfire pilot/7th Photo Recon Group, 22nd Squadron
William Jernigan   40 Army Air Corps 1942-1970 WWII D Lt. Col (ret) Bomber Pilot, Pacific Theatre, Korea and Vietnam
Maurice Karr   40     WWII D Served in England.
Howard C. Kirk, Jr.   40     WWII D MIA over the Pacific
James W. McCreary   40 Army   WWII D KIA/European Theatre, PVT
Cecil Miller   40 Marines   WWII D Retired as a Colonel in the Tennessee National Guard after 41 years
Herman Hillary Perry   40 Army     D Sargeant.
Henry Preston Abbott, Jr.   41 Army     D  
E. Stewart Anglea   41 Army   WWII D  
Rob Bryan Baskette   41 Army   WWII D  
James Earl Campbell, Jr.   41 Army   WWII D Signal Corps/Okinawa Campaign
Elliott M. Cathey   41 Army Air Corps 1944-1945   D  
James Conner   41 Army Air Corps 1942-1946 WWII D  
Hugh Craig Cook   41 Navy     D Served 3 years overseas.
Ray Cummings   41 Navy     D  
James Wood Ellis   41 Army 1944-1946   D Medical Corp., Captain
James K Gribble   41 Army Air Corps 1943-1945 WWII & Korea 1 S/Sgt./Purple Heart, 11th Air Force, 15th Air force
George Kersey   41 Army Air Corps 1943-1945   D  
Arthur Martin   41 Navy   WWII D  
Robert David McCord   41 Army   WWII D 2 Purple Hearts
Guy McDuffee   41 Army   WWII D Corporal. Died Non-battle in England/Ground Crew 381st Bomb Group
Everett "Mac" McGehee   41 Air Force   WWII D Southwest Pacific & Far East
John Frank Myers   41 Army   WWII D KIA, PVT
James Patton   41 Navy 1939-1945   1 Machinist-Mate 2nd Class. He served on three ships:  The U.S.S. Texas (Battleship), The U.S.S. West Point (Troop ship) and the U.S.S. Trevor. one of the older destroyers converted into a High Speed Mine Sweep.  Served in Europe, Middle East and his last year and a half served in the South Pacific.  He was honorably discharged in November 1945 as Machinist-Mate 2nd Class
Malcolm Rose   41       D  
Ken   Ross   41 Army Air Corps   WWII D Captain/Flying Instructor/Navigation/Radar
William Gailor Roy   41 Army   WWII D MIA-Bombardier-Pacific Theatre
Frank Everett Rutledge   41 Army   WWII D MIA, S sergeant
Mary Lee (McMillon) Smith  41 Army   WWII D Army Nurse Corp
Harold Ray Smith, Sr.   41 Army   WWII D KIA-Silver Star for falling on grenade to save his fellow soldiers.
Marguerite (Waggener) Weaver  41 Army Air Corps     D  
William Cecil Andrews   42 Army   WWII D Staff Sergeant, Combat Engineer in Patton's 3rd Army.
Bernard Barkley   42 Navy     D USS Louisville, heavy cruiser. Served 4 years in communication
Vernard Barkley   42 Air Corp     D 4 years as a meteorologist
Charles Beverly Bingham   42 Army   WWII D MIA
Robert James Geiger   42 Air Force 1942-1945 WWII D 13th Air Force
Jack Goodrich   42 Army 1942-1945 WWII D He was an instructor at Chanute Field, IL, and as part of the Fifth Air Force in the Pacific. He received the Asiatic Pacific Theater Medal with 3 bronze stars and the Philippines Liberation Medal with one bronze star.
Kenneth Paul Graham   42 Navy   WWII D Graduated from the Naval V-12 program at Georgia Tech and Columbia University as a Lieutenant JG
John Paul Kissling   42 Air Force   WWII D KIA
William Robert Lanius   42 Navy   WWII D  
Robert Bailey Lott   42 Army Air Corps 1942-1945 WWII D 1st Lieutenant, Pilot
Walter Phillips (Buddy) Lott   42 Army   WWII D He served in WWII for three years in the Signal Core, 4th armored division, General Patton’s 3rd Army
Harold L. Perry   42 Navy     D  
Joseph Turner Price   42 Marines   WWII D Combat in Guam and Iwo Jima.
Pete Price   42 Navy   WWII D  
Charles Seay   42 Air Force 1942-1945 WWII 1 South Pacific, 1st Lieutenant, Pilot B-25 Medium Bombers, 13th Air Force, 42nd Bomb Group, 70th Squadron, 70 combat missions
Frank Sutton   42 Army   WWII D Pacific Theatre, Bronze Star and Purple Heart
Randall A. Weaver   42 Army   WWII D Died non-battle, 2nd Lieutenant
Tandy Wilson   42 Army Air Corps 1943-1945 WWII D Second Lieutenant. He was a pilot
Lucius Agee   43 Navy 1943-1945 WWII 1 Pacific Theater.  He was an Airman 3rd Class, he served as a radioman in an Avenger fighter on the USS Bon Homme Richard,  CV31
Charles Bennett   43 Army 1942-1945 WWII D Corporal, European Theatre
Charles Henry Bloodworth, Jr.   43 Navy   WWII D  
Chester Campbell     43 Army 1944-1945 & 1951-1971 WWII and Korean D Retired from Air Force reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel. Received the bronze star medal.
Don  Chamberlain   43 Navy   WWII D CM3
Wilbur Comstock   43 Army Air Force        
Robert Knox Galloway   43 Army     1 Medical Corp.
Curtis Hamric   43 Navy 31 months WWII D Served 31 months. He served as a Navy radioman in the Pacific
Clarence Hewgley   43 Air Force   WWII D Lt. Colonel, Tank Driver, 191st Tank Battalion. He is buried in Arlington Cemetery.
Peter Turner Hiett, Jr.   43 Army 1944-1950 WWII D After basic training, he was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division where he joined them in battle in Belgium. Also served in Japan.
Owen Howell   43 Navy   WWII D He received a Purple Heart for wounds received in the famous ?Battle of the Bulge on New Years Eve of 1944.
Daniel Leech   43 Air Force   WWII D  
Melvin Primm   43 Navy   WWII D  
David Sharpe   43 Army   WWII D  
Alfred J. Smith   43 Army     D  
Robert Ira Travis   43 Navy     D Naval V-12 program at Georgia Tech
Rudy White   43 Navy   WWII D  
Wilbur Harralson Wright   43 Army 3 years WWII D Served in Italy in all three major battles with the 88th Infantry Division. He received the Bronze star for heroic achievement in combat and the purple heart
Lytton Glynn Acree III   44 Navy     D Naval Air Cadet. Completed flight training.
Marvin Agee   44 Navy 1944-1946 WWII 1 Pacific Theater, Seaman 2nd Class, USS Oklahoma City CL-91 and AF-1 Bridge in Japan.  Discharged 1946.
Paul Witt Andrews   44 Navy     D Non-Com Engineer on a landing craft with the U.S. Navy training for a Japanese landing when the war ended.
John T. Bearden   44 Navy 1943-1946 WWII 1  
Robert Bennett   44 Air Force 1944-1945 WWII D Sergeant
James R. Butler   44 Navy   WWII D Radarman 3rd Class" on the USS Richard M. Rowell, USS Ingraham and the USS Tucson earning the American Campaign Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign, Philippine Liberation Medal, Good Conduct Medal and the World War II Victory Medal. He retired from the US Naval Reserves as Chief Operations Specialist (Chief Petty Officer) on August 4, 1986.
William Edwin Crook   44 Army   WWII D European Theatre/69th Infantry Division
Bradley Dean Cummings   44 Army Air Corps     D  
Harry Eugene Gibson   44 Army Air Corps   WWII D  
Billy Harrell   44 Army Air Force     D  
James Clayton Hulme   44 Air Force 1944-1946   D Sargeant. Served in the Pacific
Robert King, Sr.   44 Army 1944-1947 WWII D European Theatre. He was part of the 3rd Army. He re-enlisted while overseas and was part of the Army of Occupation after WWII.
Otis Clyde Lynn   44 Army 1946-1972 Korea & Vietnam D Silver Star, Two Oak Leaf Clusters, Defense Superior Service medal, Legion of Merit (with two oak leaf clusters), Bronze Star, Air Medal, Distinguished Service Medal, Purple Heart. Commissioned Second lieutenant, United States Army, 1946; advanced through grades to major general, United States Army, 1972; chief of staff, 2d Division, Korea, 1970; commander, 1st Brigade 2d division, Korea, 1971; assistant division commander, 101st Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, 1974; chief of staff, XVIII Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, 1975; chief of staff, United States Forces, Japan, 1975-1978; commanding general, 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii., 1978-1980; chief staff, United States Army in Europe, Heidelberg, Federal Republic Germany, 1980-1982; retired, 1982
Evans McCreery   44 Army Air Force   WWII D Served 2 years in the Pacific.
Agnatious Patterson   44 Army/Air Corp 1944-1946 WWII D Pacific Theatre, Warrant Officer 1950-1951 Korean War, Chief Warrant Officer 1946-1959 Army National Guard, Major. He received the Bronze Star and a Silver Star and two Purple Hearts
Richard Smith   44     WWII D Enlisted before graduation
David Monroe Travis   44       D  
Richard Seburn Tyler   44 Naval Reserve     1 Served in Pacific and Japan.
Stanley Bennett   45 Army 1945-1948   D  
Dr. John Allison Blazer   45 Marines/Army/Navy   WWII/Korean D He was twice a Prisoner of War and once during service was Missing in Action. Dr. Blazer was one of "The Chosin Few" as he served in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War. He was a former Commandant of the Marine Corp League
William Otley Brown   45 Navy   WWII D  
George Cate, Jr.   45 Army     D His military service began in 1952 with two years on active duty as First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Corps in Washington, D.C. He thereafter continued his military service as a member of the Army Reserve and was promoted to Brigadier General in 1979, serving until 1984 as commander of a military police brigade with units in Tennessee and four other states. He received the Legion of Merit for his outstanding military service and achievements.
Fred Cobb   45 Navy     D  
Thomas Darnell   45 Marines 1945-1947 WWII D  
William Davis   45 Army   WWII D Staff Sgt. with the Signal Corps under Gen MacArthur during the occupation of Japan. He was promoted to 2nd Lt
James Eddings, Jr.   45 Navy Air Force 1946-1968 WWII       Vietnam D Went to Flight Aviator School, graduated as 2nd Lt. Took ammunition from Japan to Korea and returned with military personnel from Korea to Japan. 150 Missions over Vietnam. Retired in 1968 as Major. 20 years in Air Force. 2 years in Navy. Distinguished flying cross. Vietnam, 5 Oak leaf clusters. Air Medal.
Richard Fulton   45 Navy 1945-1946 WWII D Served on thenaval destroyer USS O'Hare in WWII
Steve Hood   45 Navy   WWII D Air Corp
William Hosse   45 Navy   WWII D served in the Philippines
Billy Knowles Jared   45 Navy   WWII D  
Bruns Edward Meloy   45 Navy   WWII D  
Edmund Turnley   45     WWII D Killed in training accident in U.S.
Douglas   Allen   46 Army 1946-1948 WWII D  
David Lester Bacigalupo   46 Army   WWII D  
Fred Boyd   46 Navy     D  
William "Bill" Burger   46 Navy   WWII D USS Bennington
Ed Corlew   46 Army   WWII D Korea
Jim Edgin   46 Air Force   Vietnam 1  
Richard Eugene Harper   46 Army     D Served in Germany during peace time
Charles H. Harris   46 Army   Korea D  
William T. Harris   46 Navy 1950-1956 Korea 1  
Everett   Hickcox   46 Army   WWII D Served in Italy
William Earl Jones   46 Air Force 1942-1944 WWII D Belly Gunner. Flew 32 missions over France & Germany
Ralph Lawrence   46 Navy     D  
Fred S. Morris, Jr.   46 Navy   WWII D Seabees
Richard R. Pettigrew   46 Army 1946-1948 WWII 1 U.S. Army, Hdq. & Hdq. Co. 96th Mil. Gov”t., Chonju, Korea. Rank – Sgt
Ira Ray   46 Merchant Marine     D  
William Bryan Roehrig   46 Army 1950-1952   D  
Hulan Smith   46     WWII D  
Robert Suddarth   46 Army   WWII D  
Richard Lewis Thompson   46 Navy   WWII D V-12 Program
T.C. Williams   46 Marine   Korea D KIA, 5th Platoon, Squad Leader
Frank Yates   46 Navy     D  
Edwin G. York III   46 Navy     D Captain/Jet pilot/served 29 years
Clarence Bailey Bomar   47 Civil Air Patrol     D Major. Died in a plane crash in 1960 in Allegheny Mountains
Elmo "Sonny" Bridges   47 Marines 1948-1950 Korean D KIA in hostile fire, Pvt 1st Class, Infantry, Rifleman, 2nd BN, 7th Marine Regiment (2/7) H&S Co
Ewing "Polly" Collier   47 Army     D  
Charles D. Corlew   47 Navy   WWII D Navy Fleet 5th Fleet on USS Savo Island CVE-78. He saw heavy combat in Philippines
Howard Lindgard Hoff   47 Air Force   Korea D 1st Lieutenant
Thomas Clemmons Hooper   47 Army   WWII D Served in France
Dr. Ray Jones   47 Army 1954-1956   1 Stationed at Ft. Jackson. Specialist 3rd Class.
Thomas Parker   47 Army 1950-1952 Korea 1 10th Airborne Ranger Co and 187 RCT
Ben E. Payne   47 Air Force   WWII D  
Ruben Royce Richey   47 Navy 1945-1946 WWII 1 Mine Sweeper
Orville Vernon Smith   47 Army     D  
Elmer "Buddy" Todd, Jr.   47 Marines   Korea D Served 6 years in the Marines and reenlisted to serve as a staff sergeant during Korean conflict.
Leonard Vernon Wilson   47 Navy     D  
Bob L. Andrews   48 Navy 1951-1952 Korea D Air National Guard 1951-1957, Air Force 1952
Joseph Miller Baskette   48 Army     D Corporal
Claude Bearden   48 Army, TN Air National Guard 1946-1960   D Claude was in the class of 1946 but he enlisted in the Army in March 1946 and missed his class graduation. Claude completed basic training and went to Japan on occupation duty as a Military Policeman in 1946. He returned to Nashville in 1948 and went from the  Army Reserves to the TN Air National Guard. His unit was activated and sent  to England for one year in 1952. Claude retired from the United States Air Force Reserve in 1960 as a Master Sergeant
John A. Blazer   48 Marines/Army/Navy 1948-1953 WW II/Korea D Corporal, Rifleman and BAR-man and wounded twice. 1st Platoon, George Company, 1st Marine Regiment. He was twice a Prisoner of War and once during service was Missing in Action. Dr. Blazer was one of "The Chosin Few" as he served in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War. He was a former Commandant of the Marine Corp League
Billy J. Cox   48 Navy   Korea D He served on the carrier USS Essex.
Bobby Garrison   48 Navy 1948-1952 Korea 1 USS Manchester
Roy E. Guy   48 Navy AirForce 1948-1951 Korea 1 PB4y-2 Squadron, Radioman
Thomas Halleyburton   48 Air Force   Korea D 1st Lieutenant
James Eldred Holly, Jr.   48 Air Force     D 1st. Lieutenant. Served 3 years
Andrew M. (Buddy) Manning   48 Navy 1952-1954 Korea 1 USS Missouri LTJG
Jerry McIntyre   48 Navy 1952-1954 Korea 1 LTJG R Division and ABC Warfare Defense Officer. CVA 47. Naval Reserve 5 years
Paul Raymond Pickel   48 Army 1948-1972 Korea & Vietnam D He served two tours in Vietnam. He also served tours of duty in Japan, Europe and the United States. He received many Awards and Metals. One of which he was most proud was The Soldiers Medal
William Douglas Redmon   48 Army 1951-1953 Korea 1 Medic. Served in Germany and received Occupation Medal
William Skinner   48 Air Force     D Electrician
William Thrasher   48 Air Force     D Retired from USAF in 1968 and Federal Aviation Agency in 1986
Robert Howard Williamson   48 Army/Air Force National Guard   WWII D Served in Occupation Forces in Japan
Buford Glenn Wilson   48 Navy   Korea D Retired from the Navy.
James C. Boyd   49 Marines     D  
William "Bill" Brittain   49 Army   Korea D  
David Caldwell   49 Army     D  
William Grady Dodds   49 Air Force 1955-1976 Vietnam D Flew just under 700 hours in country as a pilot. Retired Lt. Col. I was in the Operations field as a pilot my entire career. I served one year in VietNam as a combat support pilot and received seven Air Medals
Earl Etter   49 Army   Korea D  
Ed Gossage   49 Army 1954-1957 Korea 1 1st Lieutenant
Layton Arden Gossage   49 Army     1 Lieutenant
Ollie Frank Griffin   49 Navy     D  
Jesse Hays, Jr.   49 Army 1951-1953 Korea D  
James Inman   49 Army     D  
Phillip Lee Parsons   49 Air National Guard   Korea D  
Harry W. Stone   49 Army   Korea D KIA Apr 25 1951
Lonnie Wilson   49 Air Force     D  
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