ENHA trivia
Did You Know?? Did You Know??
East High Twin Graduates below - do you remember seeing double at school?

Name Name YR Name Name YR
Robert Donald Goodlett and Hammonds Goodlett 1934 Stanley Eugene McCormick and Stephen Dale McCormick 1967
Ray Payne and Rye Payne 1934 David Stout and Joyce Willodean Stout 1967
Sue Harper and Sarah Harper 1936 Jackie Carver and Joan Carver Barker 1968
Gilbert Dayton Warren and Henry Clayton Warren 1936 Brenda Sloan Horne and Linda Sloan Miller 1968
Lamar Moulton and Lassiter Moulton 1941 Brenda Scott Payne and Linda Scott Patterson 1968
Bernard Barkley and Vernard Barkley 1942 Alicia Fay Hite Paul and Linda Kay Hite Railey 1969
Edith Dickerson Perry and Eva Dickerson Bass 1942 Alfonzo Ward and Alonzo Ward 1969
Earline Fox Morgan and Ernestine Fox DeJarnett 1942 Dale Atchison and Gayle Atchison Gower 1970
Christine Bilbra Tanksley and Lorene Bilbra Elkins 1946 Richard Olphie and Ronald Olphie 1970
Betty Thomason Wright and Bonnie Thomason Moyers 1947 Carl Rigsby and Carolyn Rigsby 1970
Betty Loyce Boyd Duffey and Joyce Boyd Jarrell 1948 Jerry Cantor and Joanne Cantor 1971
Dorothy Goodlett Covington and Nina Goodlett Morris 1948 Arnold Mayfield and Ronald Mayfield 1971
Howard Shaff and Hulda Shaff Gentry 1948 Randy Deatherage and Ricky Deatherage 1972
Joan Jared Holman and Noma Jean Jared Blaylock 1950 Frank Roach and Fred Roach 1972
Barbara Allison Lavender and Billie Allison Kearney 1953 Judy Liberty and Jo Ann Liberty 1973
Geneva Busby Sullivan and Genese Busby Carter 1953 Mickie Singer Braden and Vickie Singer Lane 1973
Morris Gentry and Norris Gentry 1954 Kevin Carson and Karen Carson 1974
Marie Dorris Cardwell and Mary Dorris Ellis 1955 Deborah Churchwell and Diane Churchwell Patterson 1974
Benny Bumbalough and Buddy Bumbalough 1956 Brenda Hall and  Linda Hall 1974
Bobby Halliburton and Billy Halliburton 1956 Reta Sullivan and Rita Sullivan 1974
Jack Savage and Jane Savage Talbert 1957 Ken Lott and Russ Lott 1975
Sallye Snapp and Susan Snapp 1957 Denise Buggs and Jenise Buggs 1976
Don Whitley and Joyce Whitley Duke 1957 Patrick Foster and Patrice Foster 1976
Sandra Marie Rhea Hackney and Sylvia Marie Rhea Ballard 1958 Ronnie Hinkle and Tammy Hinkle Roden 1976
Karey Willis Gregory and Terry Willis Carter 1959 Wayne James and Elaine James Reynolds 1977
Eleanor Ross Sargent and  Marie Ross Heath 1959 Phil Thomas and Phyliss Thomas 1977
Billy Shepard and Bobby Shepard 1959 Belinda Galvin and Melinda Galvin 1978
Alvin Clemons and Alice Clemons Mills 1960 Terry Arnold and Darlene Arnold Hughes 1979
James Spann and Joe Spann 1960 Ronnie Ballew and Connie Ballew Russell 1979
Fred Russell and Freida Russell Banniza 1962 Kenneth Bennett and Anita Bennett Pennington 1979
Virgil Leon Davis and Vernon Leroy Davis 1963 Janice McMath Hudson and Nancy McMath Walden 1979
Pete Mason and Alice Mason Wilson 1963 Alvin Scruggs and Calvin Scruggs 1979
Rudy Ross and Judy Ross Miller 1963 Lisa Whitson Bell and  Lori Whitson Stovall 1980
Ron Stone and Don Stone 1963 Chris Donnell and Craig Donnell 1981
Dolly Erwin Mizer and Polly Erwin Manis 1964 Keith Jenkins and Kenneth Jenkins 1981
John Shelton and  Patricia Shelton Wilkes 1964 Julia Lewis Shelbourne and Juliet Lewis Laury 1982
Mickey Collier and Kathy Collier Beadles 1965 Barry Stanley and Brian Stanley 1982
Brenda Dickson and Linda Dickson 1965 Leslie Woodard and Lisa Woodard 1984
Myron Paul Hinkle and Paulette Hinkle Morrisett 1965 Jeanelle Berry and Jeanette Berry 1986
Darlene Bess and Donna Bess 1986

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