east nashville high veterans 1934-39
Lee Roy Cummings   34 Army     D  
Robert Donald Goodlett, III   34 Army   WWII D  
Ray G. Payne   34 Army, Air Force National Guard 1945-1946  1954-1957 WWII D Occupied Germany 1945-1946. Chemical Warfare. Fireman in AFNG
Rye Payne   34 Navy 1944-1946 WWII D SUSS Allen (DD66), USS Beryl (PY23) Radioman
Edmund Pardue   35     WWII D KIA
James Hollis Clayton   36 Navy   WWII D  
Frank E. Glasscock, Jr.   36     WWII D  
Robert Jones   36 Army   WWII D KIA, PFC
Douglas James Lockheardt   36 Marines   WWII D Killed in a training accident in the U.S attempting to parachute from a flaming plane
Paul Dallas Sharpe   36 Army   WWII D Sgt. KIA at the Battle of the Bulge.  2 Bronze Stars, 1 Silver Star, purple hearts
Walter Ray Andrews   37 Army   WWII D Master Sergeant. European Theatre
Roy Foster Buck   37 Air Force   WWII D Distinguished Flying Cross and Air medal with Clusters
Alex Kirkland Hamric   37 Army   WWII D KIA-1 Lieutenant, Shot down in Mediterranean-P-38 Fighter Pilot, 95th Fighter Squadron, 82nd Fighter Group, 12th Air Force
Jewell Martin   37 Navy   WWII D Made a career of the Navy
Edward Ewing "Buck" McGill   37 Army   WWII D KIA in a B-17 Crash at Cave Hill, Belfast Ireland, S sergeant
Eugene Payne   37 Army   WWII D Died non-battle, Private
Frank Joseph Swint, Jr.   37 Navy   WWII D Killed in non-combat, Lieutenant
Lawrence "Larry" Bernice Beck   38 Army Air Corps 1942   D Electronic Field Engineer/Communications Specialist
John "Jack" Bryan   38 Army 1941-1945 WWII  D Pacific Theatre/Eniwetok, Okinawa, Saipan, Sgt. 27th Infantry Division, 106th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Company L
Ralph Grigg Bullard   38 Army   WWII & Korea D 1st Sargeant. Silver Sar, BSM, OLC and Purple Heart. Buried in Arlington Cemetery.
Hayden Clements   38 Army   WWII D Communications Specialist.
Lawrence Alvin Goldsby   38 Army   WWII D 2nd Lieutenant. Killed in training accident in U.S.
W. H. Lancaster   38 Army Air Corps   WWII D T Sgt., KIA, Bomb Group
Russell Allen   39     WWII D Pacific
Ernest Bennett   39 Army 1942-1945 WWII D  
Anthony Thomas Cook   39     WWII D  
Phillip Fuqua   39 Army 1942   D  
Norman Frost Greek   39     WWII D KIA in plane crash over Saipan, P-47 Thunderbolt Pilot
Miles Conrad Matthews   39 Army   WWII D MIA, 2 Lieutenant
Hugh Mott   39 Army   WWII D Major General. Awarded Distinguished Service Cross for his actions as part of the 9th Engineer Battalion in the capture of the Lundendorff Bridge on Mary 7, 1945
Frank Whithorne Roberts   39     WWII D KIA
John Luther Smith   39 Air Force     D Colonel
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